Project Management Professional (PMP)

Exactly why is PMI’s flagship certification changing? Discover how the PMP is put to keep the gold standard for project professionals all over the world.

The job Management Professional (PMP) is the central industry-recognized certification for project managers.

You'll find PMPs leading projects in virtually any country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a specific geography or domain, the PMP is really global. Being a PMP, you are able to be employed in every industry, with any methodology along with any location.

The PMP also provide a substantial advantage in terms of salary and earning potential. Among survey respondents to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, people that have a PMP certification garner a better salary (20% higher typically) compared to those with out a PMP certification.

Employers benefit at the same time. When a lot more than one-third of their project managers are PMP-certified, organizations complete much more of their projects punctually, on budget and meeting original goals.

The PMP means that you speak and comprehend the global language of project management software and connects you to a community of execs, organizations and experts worldwide. Turned into a PMP and grow an undertaking hero.

Learn more About PMP Certification Exam:
Who Should Apply?
A skilled project manager who meets these requirements:
?Perform their duties under general supervision and so are in charge of every aspect of the work to the time of the job.
?Lead and direct cross-functional teams to offer projects inside constraints of schedule, budget and resources.
?Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables.

Gain and Maintain Your PMP Certification
?The PMP application requires you to organize work experience. See what you ought to apply.
?The PMP certification exam has 200 multiple-choice questions, and you have 4 hours to perform it.
?To keep your PMP, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every 3 years.
PMP Exam Price
?Member: US$405.00
?Non-member: US$555.00
PMP Exam Prerequisites
?Secondary degree (secondary school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent).
?7,500 hours leading and directing projects.
?35 hours of project management education.
?Four-year degree.
?4,500 hours leading and directing projects.
?35 hours of project management education.
PMP Exam Content Outline
The subsequent table identifies the proportion of questions from each domain which will show up on the examination. These percentages are employed to determine the quantity of questions associated with each domain and task that will appear on the multiple-choice format examination.
1.Initiating (13%)
2.Planning (24%)
3.Executing (31%)
4.Monitoring and Controlling (25%)
5.Closing (7%)
PMP Exam Guidance
?To earn assembling your shed Management Professional (PMP) credential, you'll want to satisfy the experience and education requirements, and pass the PMP examination, a 200-question, multiple-choice test.
?Regardless of the way advanced any project management experience or education may be, you should still prepare vigorously for the exam.
?Successful PMP candidates typically use multiple study aids, including courses, self-study and focus groups.
?On average, successful PMP candidates will pay 35 hours or maybe more to arrange, so ensure you leave yourself lots of preparation time prior to taking quality.
Suggestions to Plan for the PMP Certification Exam
?Prepare for PMP exam:
?Review the PMP handbook.
?Review the present PMP Exam Content Outline.
?Familiarize yourself with PMP Sample Questions.
?Enroll within a formal study course made available from PMI chapters or accredited Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s). You can also review self-study books created by R.E.P.s as well as other reputable training organizations.
?Review the most up-to-date edition of an Help guide the job Management Body of information (PMBOK Guide).

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